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‘Because he doesn’t love you back, you want to kill yourself? That’s ridiculous!’

This topic is really an interesting one, you know why? Most of us are guilty on this table, don’t you even deny it! At some point in our life, we start to feel the need to feel loved by someone. Not just an anyhow someone but someone very special. Someone we trust to give our heart to. It all start with a crush.

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This could happen consciously or unconsciously, it depends on the way your mind works. Love is inevitable, you can’t run away from it. You could be forming all tough and strong but believe me, when you meet the person that can melt that heart of yours, you wouldn’t know when you demolish those walls you’ve been building against love.

Sometimes, love can be cyclical, annoying, delaying and frustrating. For instance, you ignore the person who adores and love you sincerely, to admire another person who doesn’t even recognise your existence but is head over heels for another person who rather treat him like a trash can! Wow! How impressive. Feeling rejected, you wallow in your tears, wishing this and that, starving your poor stomach and hating the lucky one who got the key to the heart of the one you love. ‘Eventuarry’, your heart is broken.

I have seen girls who would do stupid things to get the attention of their crush.

1. Trying to impress the ‘Greek god’: she will paint her face up to look like a slay queen with the help of YouTube makeup tutorial but end up looking like a clown. Hmmm, inside life. She will dress beyond her capacity, admire herself in the mirror a billion times, so when she eventually come across her crush, hopefully he drools.

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2. Becoming an FBI Agent: she searches up every detail about her crush. Thank God for Facebook profile where the link “About” Is located. From there, she gets to know his real name, date of birth, likes and dislikes, favourite quotes, relationship status and hopefully get his telephone number. She will then proceed to follow him in all social media platforms. Comment the loudest “oh my God! You look so cute, hot, amazing and incredible. Love ❤😘❤😘❤😘 (and maybe drop his favourite lines, she stole from his Facebook profile as a plus mark, lmao).

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3. Becoming a Fan: it’s not like the crush is a musician or a celebrity but because she is deeply crushing; he becomes her world. She will begin to post his pictures and add captions; things that he may end up not viewing.

4. Relating with his friends: she will then proceed to mingle with his friends so she can stylishly get to know about her crush. She begin to act all decent, obedient and kind. For the well to do ones, they voluntarily pay the bills of the friends of their crush, as a technique to be recognised. Perhaps her thought could be; during their meet up, they will talk about her and her crush will get curious to know the mysterious’ lady. Lmao, It’s like you don’t know how this things works.

5. Stealing glances: if the crush stays anywhere around and likes to go to some particular place to chill. Gbam! When she gets to know this small information, she arrives there before him. She doesn’t like coffee but she is at the coffee shop, just to steal few glances at him. He plays football, she is already at the field; pretending something else brought her there.

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6. Fantasy world: yes, very important. She will begin to fantasize about him crushing back at her, asking her out and treating her like a queen. In her fantasy world, she would try to reject him several times but he steal comes back to her. Then finally, ask her to get married to him. Hmm, you don’t know what it is (he he). All will go very smooth until her mother slap her back to reality. (Will you fly into that kitchen and wash those plate now!).

7. How I get to know all these?: Of course she tells her friends and they will in turn encourage her to keep crushing and even teach her some badass steps to take. Lol, have I answered your question?

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The list goes on and on, till she is either lucky to have him or end up loosing him to a smarter chick. Yea, life is unfair.

I would have written some list for the boys, but I don’t know how it goes for them. If you know how guys behaves when they want to impress their crush, please let me know on the comment section down below! I will be very glad.

To take home, I know we can’t help not to fall in love or crush but we can ignore it, if we choose to. Either ways, we will definitely meet our soul mate at the long run, so why the stress?

Instead of getting your heart broken by crushing on the different dudes who won’t acknowledge you, focus on building yourself and achieving your goals, because that’s what matters for now.

Most definitely, nobody wants to crush or fall in love with a liability, so make that money and endure with your heart. The best of them all will be the one making the moves while you just chill and watch him in amusement.

On this note, keep breathing. 🌹

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