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The Cost of Fame

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What is up T Gangs! I hope you’re having a blissful week. I just finished seeing a psychological horror movie written by Glenn Gers and I am well and truly scared. I am beginning to realize that it is not a very good idea to watch horror films at night, unless you’re into that kind of thing. Horror films are dark and sometimes unexpected gore throws you off guard, 90% of horror films happen at night or in the dark. That explains why going to the toilet to pee after seeing a horror movie feels like walking through a corn field with Jason and Freddy Kruger peering over your shoulder.

The Main character of the movie (Google Pictures)

This movie isn’t totally scary, it takes on another perspective. I am writing because, the movie lit a few bulbs and I have also been inspired. The title of the movie is “Like, Comment, Share.” Before reading further, what do you think the title suggests? What comes to your mind?

Here is a brief summary of the film, it centers on a really good looking, middle age guy who found passion in creating contents on his YouTube Channel. His content was different from the cliché on YouTube. He talked about life, his life. He played video games, does live streaming, creepy and weird stuff along with his two psycho, not so psycho friends. I guess the originality of his content raked him 2 million followers. That’s a nice round figure for a You Tuber in this times.

Now here’s where things get a little interesting and well, shitty. Our hero is being stalked by a follower who is obsessed with him. He finally meets her in person, she works in a small store as a receptionist; the store he likes to patronize. Perhaps she got to know this because she is a religious follower of his channel. Her beauty, calmness and sweet nature is enough to make him drop his number, with a blush. “Call me. Be careful, that’s my private number.” He said to her. Perhaps, he was so carried away by her looks that he forgot that he was somewhat a celebrity. Dropping his private number to a total stranger was a dare he took to his oblivious.

After a one night stand, she wants more. She claims she wanted him long before he knew she existed, red flag right there. She also claimed she left the country she was living in to get close to him. I don’t know about you, but if someone told me they left a whole country just to be with me, I honestly have no idea how I would feel. I asked a friend what he thought about this and he said Id tell her to take me back to her country. I think she is totally crazy. The dude is really scared and thinks of her a weirdo.

The obsession was real, she never wanted to let go. The movie went on and her love for him became so dangerous; it became a do or die affair, literally. This got me thinking, do this happen in real life? Like really? You know the characteristics of a movie is that it distorts reality. But then, the storyline seemed so real. Like art imitating life.

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I have always loved YouTube. I am a huge fan of YouTube content creators like SisiYemmie, Zeelicious Foods, Jasmean, TayoAina Films, Dinma Umeh amongst others. They inspire me to want to Vlog, but that thing is not easy at all. I always wondered how these individuals were able to manage their subscribers as their popularity increased. How were they able to hide their private life from limelight? How were they able to separate work from real life? How they were able to keep their private information without spilling the beans? Private information like blurring the plate number of their car, trying not to mention where they stay, trying not to talk about their loved ones and the likes. I was so busy looking at the sunshine that I never saw the rain clouds.

Imagine the lot of subscribers, watching your content. Different personalities, different tribes, culture, country, religion, different ethnicities. They will like, comment, share, tell you how your content helped them figure out something or how it made them laugh or how it made them smile, or cry. But never, almost rarely will you see a comment on how they feel, personally, about you.

This movie gave me an insight, and this is especially for people into content creation
No matter how passionate you are, do not share your private information for any reason

I may seem a little paranoid, and some of you may say, oh that movie is not that scary. Wake up! Its the 21st century, things are not the way they used to be. Now I get why some celebrities live a private life, why their fans can’t reach them, why they walk around with escorts or bouncers; Fans can be really crazy.
The social media is majorly a place to share information, educate, learn and entertain; Capeesh! That’s all. Don’t go on a blind date with someone you met on the internet. Be it your fan, follower or what have you. Simply share your contents, reply to comments to show appreciation, don’t go beyond that. Once you’re popular, it comes with a price; restrictions sets in.

Okay, I know I sound like a mum but it is what it is. Stalkers are humans too, obsession is real (even though in my opinion, it’s quite rare in Nigeria), don’t fall a victim. I hope I didn’t scare someone tonight? (Or whenever you are reading this). It’s cool to watch good movies; it’s an eye opener.

I hope you gained one or two from reading this piece. I am not in any way trying to scare you off YouTube or any social media network if you got a passion for it. Just stay woke!

On this note, Keep Breathing. 🌹

PS: Glenn Gers did a good job in writing such an intriguing story. I love movies with an interesting and intelligent story line. Besides, don’t you think the story writers or script writers in every movie we see are underrated? They deserve a big accolade!

Edited by Garba Coker


I am still a work in progress, i hope you learn one or two from me...

10 thoughts on “The Cost of Fame

  1. Nice one Taisah! Though in my opinion I think meeting a fan depends.. I mean, it could be circumstantial. One could go along with company just for safety measures. You may have an appointment with an individual who just might move your career to the next level you know. In all… Caution.

    PS. I would have loved to know how our YouTuber ended.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ve got a point but safety first. Meeting someone for the first time means you should be cautious in respective of the reason behind the meet up.
      You should watch the movie to know what became of him at the end…

      Keep reading Taisah’s Diary!


  2. Great lesson, there is no doubt that content creation is one on the most popular thing in the world now. But i think people have to be careful with how they relate with others on social media generally. Keep it up Taisah.


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